Our projects and how we will fund them.

Community Bid

The IMPFT have had their bid to the Members’ Community Bids Panel approved for the sum of £5k.

This is going towards the Inkpen Woodland Play Area. It's great news! And, many thanks to all who have worked so hard for this especially our ward member, James Cole.

November Auction

We are thrilled to announce we have now raised just over £200,000 towards our £245,000 target. We are hugely grateful for a wonderful fund raising event held at Kirby House which raised over £40,000. Huge thanks go to Katherine Astor for hosting this event and to all those who contributed generously in so many ways.

Funds raised to date

Fundraising for the pavilion and woodland playground is going well with just over £200,000 raised so far, towards our overall target of £245,000. A vital element in the fundraising is a matched grant of £65,000 from Greenham Trust. This has to be donated via The Good Exchange.

We need another £45,000 worth of donations to reach our target. If you can help with this, please go to .

We also have a few grant applications pending and a number of planned fundraising events. If you would like to receive the IMPFT Newsletter which is emailed monthly, please contact:

Note: The fundraising account should not be confused with the IMPFT account. It is completely separate. The fundraising account is where funds are held specifically for the pavilion renovations and the woodland walk. If these do not occur, the monies will have to be returned to the donors.

The scope of the impft

To see how our aims for the updating and improvement of the Memorial Playing Field fit in with the founding objectives of the trust, we thought you might like to see the appropriate extract from the 1952 trust deed. Just click here.

IMPFT finances

The accounts summary for 2017/2018 can be found here **.

** It is important when reading the accounts summary to understand the funding model that the IMPFT uses. Whilst we do charge for organised events at the IMPFT, that charge rarely represents the cost of these user activities to the charity. A good example is the Cricket club where the cost to the charity for facilities was £2042 whilst the income over the year was £150. Similar disparities apply to Tennis where the cost of maintaining the all-weather hard surface far exceeds the annual income from tennis. Maintenance or replacement occurs more frequently than the fees can cover.

Our mandate is to encourage recreation, both physical and mental. Clearly the annual running costs for the IMPFT exceed the event income for the period, and that has historically been the case. To work-the-problem we, the trustees put our efforts into accessing grants - both local and national. In this way, residents retain access to the facilities at a fraction of the actual cost, or in the case of the children's play area and woodland walk, at no cost at all. The low cost is an encouragement for Inkpen residents to use the IMPFT facilities.

In this way, we retain the charitable purpose of the IMPFT. Charging the real cost would simply stifle use, and the charity would surely collapse.

If you ask "What do the IMPFT trustees actually do", the answer is that they continually raise funds through grants to keep the Memorial Playing Field alive, and long may that continue.

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