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Eyes and ears

If you think that there is any suspicious activity taking place on the playing field, please take whatever details you can and go here to notify the police. Please do not put yourself at risk, let the police handle it.

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Book the Pavilion
Hopefully by July 19th we will be free to socialise and fully use the pavilion so why not book it. Hiring the pavilion enables us to maintain it and the playing field plus it is a wonderful new facility. If you would like to hire the pavilion or any of the facilities email

Hire Charges are on the IMPFT website ( are on the notice board at the pavilion or email Gloria for details.

We also now have a Facebook page and Instagram account so please do follow us Inkpen Pavilion and Playing Fields

Join me for Yoga in the Inkpen Pavilion on Thursday evenings between 7pm and 8pm. I teach Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, a Yoga flow suitable for all levels.

Here is an idea of what to expect in a class with me…

I start my classes with a focus on breathing techniques that help destress and soothe the nervous system, I will then guide you through some gentle movements to open the body, working on mobility and flexibility. We then move through different poses, strengthening ones, poses that aid in deep stretching and balances too. Ending the class with a mini guided relaxation on our backs, to really rejuvenate mind and body. Through my teaching I aim to have you leaving class feeling strong, stretched, restored and calmer in mind.

To book a space please contact me at or message 07554446502

Inkpen Cricket Club:
The cricket season in Inkpen is in full swing, featuring a series of exciting home games scheduled at Inkpen playing field throughout the summer. These matches commence at 1pm and consist of thirty overs per innings, complemented by a delightful cricket tea, where players can rejuvenate and refuel. The games are played against friendly local teams.

If you're interested in joining the action, prior experience is not required. Feel free to drop by to learn more on the day or visit Inkpen CC website at to get in touch with the club. As always, it's a pleasure to see villagers bringing along their picnic baskets and cheering on the teams with enthusiasm.

Here are the upcoming home matches you won't want to miss:
• Sunday, 4th June: Hungerford Chancers - 1:00pm
• Sunday, 11th June: Bodleian Library - 1:00pm
• Sunday, 2nd July: Boxford - Home - 1:00pm
• Sunday, 9th July: Ramsbury - 1:00pm
• Sunday, 30th July: Peasemore - 1:00pm
• Thursday, 3rd August: Leg Rovers - 6:00pm
• Sunday, 20th August: Wilcot - 1:00pm
• Sunday, 3rd September: Wilton - 1:00pm
• Sunday, 10th September: Village Idiots vs West Berks Rabble - 1:00pm

Make sure to mark your calendars and come out to support the teams. It is set to be an exhilarating season of cricket in Inkpen.

The 2023 Gibbet Challenge 10K race will take place on Sunday 25th June, 10:30am start at the Inkpen Memorial Playing Field. As always, it would great to see plenty of runners from Inkpen taking part. You don’t have to be quick, and you don’t need to run the whole thing. Full details, including the route map and how to enter, can be found at the race website -

We require volunteers to help marshal the route (point the way, smile and applaud). If you have an hour to spare and want to help, please get in touch - Simon Hanna,, 01488 669028.

General Contacts: David Thomas ( or any of the other Trustees

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The future Question

Following the last Parish Council meeting on the 30th July, some residents are concerned that progress on the new pavilion is at risk. This is not the case. The IMPFT remains committed to the renovation and improvement of the existing playing field pavilion. We also remain committed to having both the village hall and the playing field as this has so many more advantages for the village than a single replacement structure.

Having the two sites provides for a greater diversity of activity, for simultaneous events and it reduces the environmental impact on residents by keeping noise and traffic levels less concentrated. Residents in Pottery Lane and Post Office Road would suffer a substantial increase in noise and business if all activities were to move to the playing field site and we don’t think this would be either fair or desirable.

Both facilities are modest and this is their great strength. There are some things that we don’t intend to cater for such as badminton, swimming and gym style keep-fit, as there is more than enough capacity locally in Kintbury, Hungerford and Newbury. Stretching ourselves to provide such activities would make us more vulnerable as has been found in recent years at the Jubilee Hall in Kintbury. Two modest sites for village activity is our best hope for sustainability and will help us to ride out fluctuations in demand in the future, just as it has in the past.

Also, should either one of these buildings become damaged or need remedial work, then we have an alternative local venue without necessarily forcing people to cancel or to go outside of the village.

Some have argued that a single building option would lower costs but that doesn’t look likely when we group together insurance, taxes and maintenance costs.

Leaving aside the overwhelming case for keeping the two separate buildings, it is evident that there is a substantial level of support and fondness amongst residents for keeping these two charitable sites. Rest assured that the IMPFT supports their continuation rather than their amalgamation. A detailed view of our thoughts on this are provided here.

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