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Even though we are in a state of lock-down at present, work still goes on behind the scenes.

The pavilion restoration continues a pace. Phase 2 is well under-way and will hopefully be complete by the end of December. All current works are subject to the Covid-19 government guidelines and restrictions on outdoor work, as well as good practice guidelines.

Artists impression of the IMPFT Sport Pavilion Renovation,
Courtesy: Peter Tompkins, of Edge-Architecture.


The IMPFT is committed to maintaining, and where possible, improving the facilities that remain free to Inkpen residents. This extends to improvements to the children's play equipment, especially for the under 5 year olds, and a new woodland walk.

These free services inevitably come at a cost to our charity, and in order to cover these costs we have to both seek out grants, and fund raise, with afternoon tea and cake events, car boot sales, jumble sales, open garden weekends and the like.

In spite of the current Covid-19 restrictions, it is important that we continue to fund-raise. There are relatively few grant opportunities and competition is particularly fierce. None-the-less, having made a compelling case we are proud to announce that we have been successful in obtaining a grant of £10,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund. Many thanks to the fund-raising committee.

With your support we very much hope we will have a newly renovated sports pavilion in place by the end of this year.

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After many months without events at the playing field,  we now have a few events taking place. All events are required to comply with government advice and restrictions. This includes tennis, 5-a-side football and basket ball. The pavilion is closed pending restoration works.

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The Inkpen Playing Field is most important for the development of a fit and healthy children.

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Be Alert to drugs and vandals

Help us keep our village safe and in particular, keep our open spaces safe for children and young families.

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New Defibrillator

We have a defibrillator at the playing field. Learn how to use it. You may save a life.

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The new look pavilion

Breathing new life into an old structure and inspiring activity in our community - an artists impression.

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